Download the Test Suite for I3C/I3C Basic v1.1.1


This conformance test suite (CTS) has been developed to improve the interoperability of products that adopt the MIPI I3C® interface. It defines a set of conformance or interoperability tests whereby products can be tested against other implementations of the I3C or I3C Basic v1.1.1 specifications.

This first version of the CTS is limited to meet time-to-market requirements imposed by the rapid adoption of I3C in the marketplace. Given this, the I3C Working Group has decided to focus this version of the CTS on the following:

  • SDR-only devices without optional I3C capabilities
  • All controller and target error detection and recovery methods
  • Basic HDR Enter/Tolerance/Restart/Exit in scope, but HDR-DDR under consideration

Considering the CTS to be a living document, the I3C Working Group will continue to expand the scope of the CTS through future revisions that eventually encompass all required and optional features of the I3C specification.

Tests contained in this document are organized as Controller DUT and Target DUT with tests occurring for each in order as they appear within the I3C specification. Each test will contain a clear purpose, references, resource requirements, track last technical modification, discussion, and all test case detail (e.g., setup, procedure, results, problems, and registry inclusion). Also, DC/AC parametric requirements will be embedded in each test as opposed to splitting out a separate PHY-related CTS or subsection. 

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