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MIPI to Bluetooth LE: Leveraging Mobile Technology for Wireless IoT Applications

Grant Jennings, GOWIN Semiconductor
Grant Jennings, MIPI DevCon 2020 speaker

Grant Jennings

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Smartphone components have been greatly reduced in cost and power due to demand and the result of high volume manufacturing. This has created opportunities for developers to reuse displays, cameras, microphones and mems sensors for mobile influenced markets.

Meanwhile a growth in wireless IoT is evident as AI assistant accessories such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa become common place in our homes. As emerging markets such as Smart Home further develop, new forms of programmable semiconductor devices promote innovation by leveraging mobile components for other markets.

This presentation will feature use case examples in the wireless IoT space found while helping customers develop new types of solutions with the first SoC FPGA with built in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) transceiver.


Grant Jennings is the director of international marketing for Gowin Semiconductor, focused on strategic solutions for programmable technologies. He has more than a decade of FPGA systems architecture experience in areas including ASIC prototyping, interfacing, bridging and edge connectivity. Jennings received his electrical engineering degree from Iowa State University and his MBA from Texas A&M University.