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The Story Behind the MIPI I3C HCI Driver for Linux

MIPI DevCon 2020

Nicolas Pitrie, MIPI DevCon 2020 speaker

Nicolas Pitre

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Presented by Nicolas Pitre, BayLibre

The Linux operating system is widely used across the computing landscape. It is therefore natural to plan Linux support when new technology is developed. However, this doesn't come without its set of challenges, both technical and cultural. The MIPI I3C HCI℠ architecture also comes with its own peculiarities and multiple specification revisions. This presentation covers the work that has been done to date in the context of those challenges, with a quick overview of future development.


Nicolas Pitre is a software engineer with 25 years of experience in embedded software and Linux kernel development. He has worked with many semiconductor industry leaders during his tenures at Linaro, Marvell, MontaVista Software and others, with involvement spanning consumer product development to new processor architecture support. Nicolas is currently a senior software developer at BayLibre.