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MIPI HTI, PTI and STP: The Bases for Next-Generation Online Analyses of Multicore Processors

Thomas Preußer, MIPI DevCon 2021 Speaker

Thomas B. Preußer

Alexander Weiss, MIPI DevCon 2021 Speaker

Alexander Weiss

MIPI DevCon 2021

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Presented by Thomas B. Preußer, Accemic Technologies GmbH, and Alexander Weiss, Accemic Technologies GmbH

The key challenge for testing and debugging embedded multicore systems is their limited observability. MIPI trace protocols provide essential operational insights non-intrusively, and this presentation advocates for the continuous online analysis of these trace data. It also contrasts the challenges posed by the vigorously compressed MIPI trace protocols with the enormous benefits that can be gained by online processing.


Thomas B. Preußer leads the research team at Accemic Technologies in Dresden, Germany. His research interests include massively parallel compute acceleration and data processing in heterogeneous FPGA-based systems as well as computer arithmetic. He received his Ph.D. in computer engineering from TU Dresden. 

Alexander Weiss studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and received his Ph.D. in computer science from the Technical University of Dresden. He is co-founder of Accemic Technologies. He holds several patents and has outstanding expertise in the field of safety-critical systems and embedded software testing methods.