MIPI I3C Interface for the ETSI Smart Secure Platform

MIPI DevCon 2021

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Presented by Giulio Follero, ETSI
Giulio Follero, MIPI DevCon 2021 Speaker

Giulio Follero

The ETSI Technical Committee Smart Card Platform (TC SCP) is developing the specification of the next generation secure element, the Smart Secure Platform (SSP). SCP is standardizing the MIPI I3C interface for SSP. This presentation describes the SSP architecture and its main use cases, followed by a discussion of how the MIPI I3C interface is adapted to the SSP and the main benefits in terms of speed, power and efficiency.


After earning his degree in computer science from Federico II University in Naples, Giulio Follero joined STMicroelectronics in 2008, where he is a senior quality manager and standardization expert. He has developed his expertise in secure element technology, especially for mobile communication products, and also participates in several standard organizations.