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MIPI Discovery and Configuration (DisCo) Creation Tool

Sarin Saurin

Saurin Shah

Rob Gough

Rob Gough

Saurin Shah, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
Rob Gough, Platform Software Architect, Intel Corporation

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MIPI DisCo specifications define device-specific (SoundWire Master, I3C HCI, etc.) properties that are written in ACPI source language (ASL). These property keys are prescribed strings with many different value data types, often hierarchical with many layers of sub-properties. Currently these properties are written by hand using text editor. Hand-coding complex hierarchies is easy to get wrong, and current compilers do not check _DSD syntax or data types. The DisCo creation tool simplifies this development process by using device templates created from MIPI DisCo specifications to generate ASL files. It reduces the effort required to develop platform firmware images and time to debug firmware/software.


Saurin Shah has more than 14 years of experience in software development primarily focusing around the audio domain. At Microsoft, he works on developing audio class drivers for various technologies such as SoundWire, USB audio and HD audio.

The current chair of the MIPI Software Working Group, Rob Gough is a platform software architect with Intel Corporation, focusing on industry standards for operating system and firmware interfaces relating to I/O technologies and power management. He has been granted over 40 patents related in these areas and has worked with industry specification bodies including the UEFI Forum and the PCI SIG for the last 19 years. He has made many contributions to the ACPI Specification, the PCI Express Base Specification and PCI Firmware Specification and also serves as the co-chair of the PCI SIG Firmware Workgroup.