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New Trends in the High-Volume Manufacturing Test of MIPI-based Devices

Mohamed Hafed, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Introspect Technology

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Mohamed Hafed, Ph.D.

Mohamed Hafed

As more manufacturers use MIPI interfaces to enable bandwidth-intensive applications in IoT, medical and automotive sectors, we are witnessing a nascent quest to achieve zero defects per million units shipped during high-volume manufacturing. This presentation explored the latest technologies and best practices applied towards achieving that goal. It also included a summary of  the fundamental requirements for quality assurance and present testing methods for very high-speed interfaces including MIPI D-PHY℠, C-PHY℠ and M-PHY ®; as well as an introduction to the concept of system-oriented testing on ATE. Throughout the presentation, practical examples of test cell design, test program development and multi-site screening techniques were provided.


Mohamed Hafed, Ph.D., is the chief executive officer of Introspect Technology, a leading manufacturer of innovative test and measurement products for high-speed digital applications. A passionate technology speaker and thought leader in his field, Mohamed contributes to MIPI working groups and actively participates in promoting MIPI technology worldwide.