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PHY Testing Challenges and Opportunities: The Need For a Smart Testing Approach

Victor Sanchez-Rico, Project Manager MIPI, BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH

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MIPI DevCon 2019 Stuttgart Speaker: Victor Sanchez-Rico

Victor Sanchez-Rico

Based on BitifEye's experience with testing of high-speed digital interconnect busses, this presentation highlighted the challenges observed in testing and summarized the lessons learned. Leading the A-PHY test sub team, BitifEye´s mission is to come up with a test path to make testing, and the reproducibility of the results through different test equipment vendors and interoperability workshops, easier. The goal is to lay the ground for reliable, efficient conformance test and characterization of MIPI PHYs, for example, by defining suitable test modes. The focus of this presentation was on the complex high-speed electrical PHY layer receiver conformance tests, along with transmitter, cable and protocol tests, and DUT bring-up and debugging.


Victor Sanchez-Rico is the project manager for the MIPI test software at BitifEye, Keysight’s solutions partner for high-speed interfaces. A computer science engineer, father of three and sports car enthusiast, Victor promises to solve your testing needs while proudly showing you pictures of his daughters on his MIPI-enabled smartphone.