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MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions - A Standardized Framework for Creating Functionally Safe and Secure Automotive Sensor Systems

Presented at Automotive SerDes Conference 2021 by Ariel Lasry, vice chair of MIPI A-PHY Working Group

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Cameras, lidars, radars, image processors and wired connectivity are key components for autonomous driving and ADAS systems. Widely distributed across an automotive platform, it is essential that these components work collectively to satisfy the functional safety and security requirements laid out in standards such as ISO 26262. As the number of sensor-based safety critical systems increases within a vehicle, the benefit of using a standards-based sensor connectivity framework also increases - ensuring interoperability between components and lowering development effort. It also follows that a sensor connectivity framework meeting the functional safety and security requirements demanded by these applications will greatly simplify the implementation of these safety critical systems.

This presentation explains how MIPI has created an industry standardized solution that meets these challenges. Called MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS℠), the framework provides a full-stack, sensor-to-ECU solution for autonomous driving and ADAS systems, with functional safety and security features built into its core. The presentation provides an overview of the MASS framework with specific focus on the functional safety and security features that have been embedded into MASS through the addition of a Camera Service Extension (CSE℠) to the baseline MIPI CSI-2® protocol that is carried over MIPI A-PHY®. It will show how MASS creates a solution that ultimately removes the need for proprietary SerDes bridges and how MASS enables developers to embed functional safety and security functionality natively at the ‘edge’ - within the sensor and ECU components themselves.