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MIPI DevCon 2022: Enabling Simpler Design with MIPI I3C in Different End-Equipment Applications

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Saminah Chaudhry

Saminah Chaudhry & Ashara, Systems Engineers, Texas Instruments

This session focuses on different end-equipment applications highlighting the use of key MIPI I3C® features in a broader set of use cases and industries such as automotive, memory management, server control and communications equipment. The presentation dives deeper into system-level applications that use MIPI I3C for higher bandwidth at very low power levels, allowing for simpler, more flexible design implementation with target resets, In-band Interrupts, dynamic addressing and hot-join capabilities.


Amit Ashara

Saminah Chaudhry is a systems engineer at Texas Instruments in the interface business. She is responsible for product definition, product roadmap and strategy for I2C/I3C portfolio in the transceiver interface product line.

Amit Ashara is a systems engineer at Texas Instruments in the sensing group and leads product definition of temperature sensors including analog, digital, temperature sensors and thermistors.