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Upcoming - MIPI DevCon 2023: MIPI CSI-2 Security Update and DSI-2 Security Preview


June 30, 2023
11:10 a.m.
San Jose, Calif.


This session will introduce the new suite of MIPI security specifications that will be released this year to address key security requirements for automotive cameras. An overview will be provided of the four new specifications included within the suite: MIPI Security℠ v1.0, MIPI Camera Service Extensions (CSE℠) v2.0, MIPI Command and Control Interface Service Extensions (CCISE℠) v1.0 and MIPI Security Profiles℠ v1.0. The co-chair of the Security Working Group will explain how these specifications can enable end-to-end security within automotive imaging applications that leverage MIPI CSI-2® and how the framework enables authentication of system components, data integrity protection and data encryption. The session will also conclude with a preview of future enhancements to the security suite to secure display applications that leverage MIPI DSI-2℠.

Philip Hawkes, Co-Chair, MIPI Security Working Group

Philip Hawkes is a principal engineer, technology, at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and is the co-chair of the MIPI Security Working Group. He primarily works on security topics in standards organizations, and his experience covers mobile networks, location technologies, IoT/M2M, Wi-Fi and wired connectivity. Phil started his career as a symmetric cryptography expert involved in both design and analysis of algorithms. He received his bachelor of science and doctorate in mathematics from the University of Queensland and is based near Sydney, Australia.

Philip Hawkes