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Upcoming - MIPI DevCon 2023: MIPI CSI-2 in Low-Power Image Sensors for Industrial and Consumer IoT Applications


June 30, 2023
2:10 p.m.
San Jose, Calif.


MIPI CSI-2® in low-power image sensors for industrial and consumer IoT applications, the advancement of AR/VR/MR technologies, advanced security systems, smart homes and appliances, smart manufacturing, and health monitoring are driving the development of 2D and 3D optical solutions. Power-efficient optical modules with a small footprint have become increasingly system critical. This session includes a system overview of a specific use case, and discussions of the ams OSRAM's Mira050 image sensor and how Mixel was able to meet ams OSRAM's stringent power and area requirements with its MIPI D-PHY℠ CSI-2 TX IP.

Sriraksha Vijayaraghavan, Camera Systems Solution Engineer, ams OSRAM
Justin Endo, Chair, Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales, Mixel Inc.

Sriraksha Vijayaraghavan is a camera systems solutions engineer at ams OSRAM, where she builds modular applications for CMOS image sensors with cross functional utility, allowing for seamless integration with various customers’ end products. Srikasha holds a masters of electrical engineering from Arizona State University and a bachelors of engineering from BNM Institute of Technology.

Chair of the MIPI DevCon Education Committee, Justin Endo is senior manager, marketing & sales at Mixel. Justin oversees marketing strategy and customer engagement from Mixel's headquarters in San Jose, Calif. He holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in economics and French from the University of California and a masters of business administration from The University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School.

Sriraksha Vijayaraghavan and Justin Endo