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MIPI Webinar: A Beginner's Guide to MIPI Debug Solutions

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Webinar Overview

For nearly two decades, MIPI’s Debug Working Group has been developing a rich framework of specifications that unify the protocols and software layers for debugging highly integrated embedded systems. These specifications, which include MIPI Debug for I3C℠, MIPI SneakPeek Protocol and many others, reduce development and implementation time, and ensure the interoperability of the hardware and software interfaces that support system debug. 

Aimed at engineers who would like to get started with MIPI Debug solutions, this webinar provides an introduction to the overall MIPI debug system framework, explaining how MIPI debug breaks down modern system-on-chip (SoC) debug architectures into manageable debug subsystems. This webinar also runs through each of the component parts of the MIPI debug system, providing an overview of each component within the layered framework.


Enrico Carrieri, Principal Engineer Intel Corporation and Chair of the MIPI Debug Working Group

Enrico is a principal engineer at Intel Corporation, where he owns the corporate strategy and architectures for debug interfaces and observation solutions. He has chaired the MIPI Debug Working Group for over five years and has participated in the authoring of many specifications, including MIPI SneakPeek Protocol and MIPI Debug for I3C. Enrico is also a frequent contributor to the MIPI Alliance blog, providing technical insights into MIPI debug specifications.