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MIPI Webinar: Bootstrapping MIPI CCS Software Support with CCS Tools

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Webinar Overview

The MIPI Camera Command Set (MIPI CCSSM) interface, developed by the MIPI Camera and Software working groups, standardizes a generic interface for controlling raw camera sensors, including the registers used to convey sensor capabilities and limits to the software stack of a host CPU. To further facilitate CCS-compliant sensor implementation, version 1.1 of the CCS specification defines the CCS static data format to remove the need to store capabilities and limit information in a sensor's hardware registers.

In December 2020, MIPI CCS Tools was released to developers to complement the MIPI CCS specification. The publicly available toolset provides reference software components to support the CCS static data format defined within the CCS specification, making it easy to work with the file format, as well as accelerating the development of CCS support in computer operating systems. 

In this webinar, Sakari Ailus, member of MIPI Camera Working Group and software engineer at Intel, provides an overview of the components of MIPI CCS Tools. The webinar also includes a demonstration of the CCS Tools and the Linux CCS driver.


Sakari Ailus, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation & member of MIPI Camera Working Group

Sakari has two decades worth of experience working on the Linux kernel, combined with more than 10 years’ experience with cameras and image signal processors. Sakari is a member of the MIPI Camera Working Group and has been instrumental in the creation of MIPI CCS Tools. In his free time, he enjoys biking, baking and walking in the great outdoors.