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MIPI Webinar: Introduction to MIPI Camera Command Set v1.0

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Webinar Overview

Get an in-depth view of MIPI Camera Command Set v1.0 (MIPI CCS℠ v1.0), which significantly streamlines sensor integration in mobile devices. MIPI CCS provides a complete command set that can be used to integrate basic image sensor features, such as resolution, frame rate and exposure time, as well as advanced features such as phase detection autofocus (PDAF), single frame HDR, or fast bracketing. With MIPI CCS, developers can craft a common software driver to configure the basic functionalities of any off-the-shelf image sensor that is compliant with MIPI CCS and MIPI CSI-2 v2.0. The MIPI CCS v1.0 specification was made publicly available late last month.


Mikko Muukki is the technical lead for MIPI CCS and an expert in imaging and video technology at Huawei, with 14 years' experience in cameras and imaging, as well as additional experience in other technology fields. In his spare time, he is interested in photography, science and science-based environmental protection such as ecomodernism.