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MIPI Webinar: MIPI DisCo and ACPI - Streamlining MIPI Component Integration

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Webinar Overview

The MIPI Software Workgroup’s charter is to supply the mobile ecosystem with architectural advancements such as allowing MIPI components to be programmatically discovered and configured by software layers. The group works with other MIPI working groups’ needs and deliver specifications defining property sets to enable device discovery and configuration. In this webinar, you'll learn how these specifications and other advancements in the industry can help component vendors provide device-specific information via a common data format that is managed in an open and/or shareable repository. With these advancements, system integrators can optimize their processes for managing the device and platform settings, thereby simplifying development of platform firmware, and eliminating the need to customize OS drivers on a per-platform basis.


Rob Gough is a platform software architect with Intel corporation, with responsibilities ranging from device and platform power management to I/O technologies as well as operating system and firmware interfaces, and regularly consults with processor, chipset, and platform design teams on architecture relating to these areas. He has worked with industry specification bodies including ACPI, UEFI, and the PCI SIG for the last 16 years, was a charter member and chief technical contributor of the MIPI Software Working Group and took over the chair role in March of this year.