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MIPI Webinar: UniPro and M-PHY integration into UniPort-M

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Webinar Overview

This MIPI webinar will discuss the integration of M-PHY® v3.1 into UniPro℠ v1.61 and focus on the following:

  • How does the UniPort-M Link behave in standard and error scenarios (Link Startup, PowerMode change, Hibernation)?
  • How to handle the various M-PHY power saving states in implementation
  • Potential pitfalls and solutions


Jürgen Urban chairs the MIPI Alliance UniPro Working Group and is chief engineer for Toshiba Corporation where he works in the field of mobile devices. His special interest lies in high speed interfaces and the associated (network) protocols built on top of them. Urban has been associated with MIPI for seven years, participating in several related activities. Prior to Toshiba, he was with Nokia and Austria Micro Systems. Urban studied microelectronics at the University of Karlsruhe, later at the University of Southampton(UK), and did his diploma thesis at ESIEE, Paris. During his leisure time, he enjoys all kind of water sports, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, traveling, and exploring other cultures. 

*This Webinar assumes good knowledge of the UniPro v1.61 and the M-PHY 3.1 specification