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MIPI Webinar: MIPI Alliance Extends Interface Standards to Support the Automotive Market

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Webinar Overview

MIPI Alliance recently formed an Automotive Working Group (AWG) to help address the needs of the automotive industry as it develops ADAS, infotainment, safety systems and other automotive designs. In this webinar, Matt Ronning and Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner, the AWG's chair and vice chair, discuss the challenges facing the industry, as well as the tremendous benefit that standardized interfaces may offer in terms of development, cost, and functional safety requirements.

You'll also learn more about the functional safety requirements mandated by ISO 26262 and how those apply to interface design. In addition, Matt and Uwe provide an overview of the AWG's plans to collaborate with other MIPI working groups on a new automotive physical layer specification and the requirements that such a project entails.


Matt Ronning, chair, MIPI Automotive Working Group 
Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner, vice chair, MIPI Automotive Working Group