Download MIPI DisCo℠ for I3C®


Simplifies software integration of sensors that use MIPI I3C


MIPI DisCo for I3C is designed to simplify software integration of sensors that use the MIPI I3C® device interface. It is based on the MIPI Discovery and Configuration (MIPI DisCo℠) Base Specification, a software framework that allows major operating systems to identify MIPI-conformant external devices in mobile and mobile-influenced systems and automatically implement drivers for them.

Using MIPI DisCo for I3C, makers of I3C-conformant sensors can convey the properties of their devices in a common form that will be recognized by most major OSs, including Android, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. When these vendors have included the DisCo for I3C collateral, system integrators can integrate sensor devices with little or no additional driver development. This allows system manufacturers to roll out products more quickly and at lower cost.

MIPI DisCo for I3C lets system manufacturers avoid the proliferation of system- and OS-specific drivers that has made integration of I2C-based devices expensive and time-consuming. The specification is compatible with both the MIPI I3C v1.0 and the feature-limited MIPI I3C Basic v1.0, which is available under royalty-free terms. Combined with the MIPI I3C HCI℠ (Host Controller Interface) specification, DisCo for I3C significantly streamlines the process of implementing a complete I3C subsystem.

The version currently available for download here is v1.1 (adopted February 2023). 

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