Download MIPI GbD IPS


An adapter for debugging any remote device that is smart and connected


MIPI Gigabit Debug for IP Sockets (MIPI GbD IPSSM) is an adapter that can implement MIPI SneakPeek and the MIPI Gigabit Trace Framework to facilitate remote debugging of all types of connected devices, from smartphones to end points on the Internet of Things. Because it is IP-based, engineers can use it to debug devices via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. Any device that is smart or connected is a candidate for debugging via MIPI GbD IPS.

MIPI GbD IPS facilitates debug over both TCP and UDP protocols in IP-oriented networks. A key feature is its ability to improve the reliability of UDP to prevent the potential corruption of trace data.

The specification gives developers the option of implementing the technique in either hardware or software. The ability to use software reduces costs and facilitates the remote testing of devices that are already deployed in the market.

MIPI GbD IPS was developed by the MIPI Debug Working Group and released in July 2016. 

All MIPI debug and trace specifications, including MIPI GbD IPS, are available for download and use by the public and the open source community.  Members of the MIPI Alliance enjoy benefits including access to relevant licenses and opportunities to participate in development activities, interoperability workshops and other events.

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