Download MIPI GbD USB


A technology for using MIPI debug protocols over USB Debug Device Class


MIPI Gigabit Debug for USB (MIPI GbD USB) makes it possible to use the USB Debug Device Class (released in USB 3.1) to run the MIPI SneakPeek Protocol as well as the collection of specifications provided in the MIPI Gigabit Trace Framework Appendix to the MIPI Trace Wrapper Protocol specification. The use of USB for these procedures minimizes debug’s impact on system functions and enables engineers to use the connection to debug a device while the connection is carrying other traffic.

The specification is developed by the MIPI Debug Working Group. It is available as v1.1.

All MIPI debug and trace specifications, including MIPI GbD USB, are available for download and use by the public and the open source community. Members of the MIPI Alliance enjoy benefits including access to relevant licenses and opportunities to participate in development activities, interoperability workshops and other events.

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