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Defines standard transfer command and transfer response structures for interfacing to any application


MIPI I3C Transfer Command Response Interface (MIPI I3C TCRI) defines standard transfer command and transfer response structures that MIPI I3C® and MIPI I3C Basic℠ implementations can use as part of an interface in smartphones, computers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, automotive systems and other applications that leverage the scalable, low-power, medium-speed, two-wire I3C/I3C Basic utility and control bus interface.

MIPI I3C TCRI enables developers and integrators to easily reuse specific portions of normative definitions for transfer command and response in the existing MIPI I3C Host Controller Interface (MIPI I3C HCI℠) specification. In this way, I3C TCRI delivers a leap forward in simplicity and efficiency of I3C/I3C Basic deployment, rendering software more easily reusable across diverse implementations.

The version currently available for download here is v1.0 (adopted September 2022).

MIPI Alliance welcomes contributions to the specification. If you would like to contribute, please contact the MIPI Software Working Group at

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