I3C Device Characteristics Register

I3C Implementers Table


Current I3C Device Characteristic Register (DCR) Assignments

Information for I3C Implementers

On the PDF below, implementers of the MIPI Specification for I3C® (Improved Inter Integrated Circuit) will find ID assignments for the I3C Device Characteristic Register (DCR) that are planned for inclusion in future updates to I3C. This read-only register describes the I3C compliant Device type (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.), used in Dynamic Address assignment and Common Command Codes.

I3C version1.0 defines one value for the register: 8’b0: Generic Device.

Future updates to MIPI I3C will define a larger set of Device types, which are expected to grow as I3C evolves.

The MIPI I3C Working Group, which maintains the MIPI I3C specification, presents the following assignments as work-in-progress for the benefit of implementers. While subject to change until presented in a final adopted specification, MIPI Alliance encourages implementers to plan for updates using these values.

Approved and Pending Assignments

All IDs not listed are reserved for future definition by MIPI Alliance.

MIPI I3C DCR Table.pdf

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