No. If an I3C Target will only be used on I3C Buses that rely on the SETAASA CCC (a Broadcast CCC that auto-sets the Target’s Dynamic Address from its I2C Static Address) and/or the SETDASA CCC (a Direct CCC where the Controller sets the Target’s Dynamic Address using a Direct CCC that references the Target’s I2C Static Address), then that Target will never be asked to use the ENTDAA CCC. In such a case, the I3C Target could participate on the I3C Bus despite not implementing ENTDAA CCC support. Since both of these CCCs rely on the Controller knowing that Target’s I2C Static Address (and perhaps the Static Addresses of all other Targets as well), these methods can save time for certain use cases, although they do impose some implementation requirements on the system designer.

Nonetheless, MIPI Alliance strongly recommends supporting the ENTDAA CCC, otherwise the Device will only ever be usable on that narrow subset of I3C Buses.

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