All I3C Targets must be able to process Broadcast CCCs at any time, whether or not they have been assigned a Dynamic Address. I3C v1.1.1 and I3C Basic v1.1.1 clarify the I3C Target requirements (see the specifications at Section and also clarify which CCCs are required to be supported (see Q18.7, "Which Dynamic Address Assignment CCCs is a Device required to support?") and the specifications at Section

Example: An I3C Device may act as an I²C device before it receives its assigned Dynamic Address. However, the Device is still expected to ACK the START with the Broadcast Address (7’h7E). The only exception would be if the Device were to choose to remain an I²C-only device; in this case, the Device would leave any 50 ns spike filter enabled (see the specifications at Section

Note: Devices that do recognize START with the Broadcast Address could see any CCC (not just ENTDAA, SETDASA, or SETAASA). When determining what effect each CCC will have, these Device may take into account whether or not the Device has received an assigned Dynamic Address. Forz, if the Device has not yet received its assigned Dynamic Address, then receipt of the RSTDAA CCC should probably have no effect.

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