I3C Basic v1.1.1 is a fundamental update to I3C Basic v1.0, and adds many of the new optional capabilities from I3C v1.1. I3C Basic v1.1.1 also includes clarifications and fixes for issues that were addressed in I3C v1.1.1 (see Q3.4, "What is new in MIPI I3C v1.1.1?"). Devices that comply with I3C Basic v1.1.1 should be mutually interoperable with I3C v1.1.1, and vice versa.

I3C Basic v1.1.1 is a subset of I3C v1.1.1, and adds the following features and capabilities:

  • HDR-DDR Mode
  • HDR-BT (Bulk Transport) Mode
  • Grouped Addressing
  • Multi-Lane for Speed (for HDR-BT Mode only)
  • Target Reset with RSTACT CCC (previously defined in a separate addendum for I3C Basic v1.0)
  • Timing Control (Async Mode 0 only)
  • CCCs in HDR Modes
  • Virtual Target support

I3C Basic v1.1.1 also includes numerous clarifications and improved definitions, including Secondary Controllers, Hot-Join, Dynamic Address Assignment, Target Error Types and FSM diagrams.

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