In I3C v1.1 and I3C Basic v1.0 the maximum number of I3C Target Devices was limited to 11. However, this limit was calculated based on typical electrical parameters, whereas different system designs might present other limitations or challenges. Also, the actual number of Targets presented on the Bus could be higher if some of the I3C Devices enable Bridging (see Q20.3, "Does the I3C Bus support Bridges?") or present Virtual Targets (see Q20.2, "What is a Virtual Target?") with unique Dynamic Addresses.

In I3C v1.1.1 and I3C Basic v1.1.1 the maximum number of I3C Target Devices is no longer stated as a fixed number. Instead, system designers should determine a limit that satisfies all I3C electrical requirements (per Section 6), based on the particular system’s unique layout and the unique selection of I3C Devices to be used on the Bus.

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