Yes. The MIPI IPR structure facilitates licensing only by and among MIPI members. Licensing obligations attach only to what the MIPI Membership Agreement calls “Compliant Portions,” defined as “those specific portions of products (hardware, software or combinations thereof) that … both implement and are compliant with the relevant portions of the MIPI Specification. ...” The party that implements an IP block in a product is generally the party that makes and sells the “Compliant Portion.” Accordingly, to be a beneficiary of the licensing regime set out in the MIPI Membership Agreement, a party that implements an IP block embodying a MIPI specification must be a MIPI member. Further, most MIPI specifications are confidential. If your company is not a MIPI member, the IP provider, as a MIPI member subject to the confidentiality provisions of Membership Agreement terms, will not be authorized to disclose the MIPI specification to you (see question below).

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