Prior to the release of MIPI A-PHY, the industry did not have a standard for a long- reach SerDes with the performance, noise immunity and reliability to cover long-distance, high-speed sensor and display links. Sensor links are particularly susceptible to electromagnetic interference, data loss and latency as link bandwidth and distance increase. As such, there is a need for a standard that meets stringent EMC requirements and offers stricter testing to guarantee proper performance and high resilience. 

Currently, MIPI CSI-2® and DSI-2℠ are used extensively within automotive applications. However, without a long-reach physical layer SerDes standard, MIPI protocols have been connected through proprietary "bridge" solutions, adding complexity and design costs, and the inability to source multiple vendors and achieve economies of scale. In addition, there has not been a standard that includes provisions for functional safety and security within the interface design.

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