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See Us at Embedded Vision Summit 2023

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22-25 May 2023
Santa Clara, Calif.

Event Overview

Focusing on practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI, the Embedded Vision Summit attracts a global audience of technology professionals from companies developing computer vision and edge AI-enabled products, including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications.

The event spans four days of learning, from tutorials to deep-dive days, covering the latest technical insights, business trends and vision technologies. The Summit connects the theories from great academic conferences, like CVPR, to the concrete needs of innovators building real-world products.

Use the code "SUMMIT23-MIPI" for 15% off registration until 28 April, and 10% off thereafter.


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MIPI Presentation


2023-Haran-ThanigasalamHow the New MIPI CSI-2 Image Sensor Interface Standard Enables Efficient Embedded Vision Systems

Presented by Haran Thanigasalam, camera and imaging consultant, MIPI Alliance

As computer vision applications continue to rapidly evolve, there’s a growing need for smarter standardized interfaces that connect multiple image sensors for near real-time perception and decision-making.

This presentation will provide a deep dive into the latest installment of the widely implemented MIPI CSI-2 interface and key features specifically designed to support computer vision applications, including Smart Region of Interest, Always-On Sentinel Conduit, Unified Serial Link, and Dual Compression options. These features enable sophisticated machine awareness while reducing both system power and processing needs, making them well-suited for use in consumer, commercial, and infrastructure platforms. 

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