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Building on the Achievements of 2020

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MIPI Alliance recently shared its 2020 Year in Review, and it's evident that many of our milestones and accomplishments last year will drive much of our momentum in 2021 and beyond. I encourage you to check out this overview of our activities, and I'm sure you too will be impressed and inspired by the contributions of so many members.

5-specifications-blog-v3These activities ranged from the development of key specifications such as MIPI A-PHY℠, RFFE℠, Debug for I3C℠ and two A-PHY Protocol Adaptation Layers (PALs), to new software tools and additional resources, including supporting documents, webinars, MIPI DevCon presentations, blog articles and much more.

In addition to the release of five new specifications (with nearly two dozen more in development), a highlight of the past year has been the new level of collaboration we've achieved both within the Alliance and with industry liaisons.

just-car-1000Contributors from across the Alliance have stepped forward to collaborate on important initiatives such as MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS), new developer education opportunities and to investigate a new MIPI security framework. Beyond the Alliance, we worked with IEEE to set a process for bringing MIPI A-PHY forward for adoption as an IEEE standard, and liaison relationships enabled JEDEC’s adoption of MIPI I3C Basic℠ in its new DDR5 and SidebandBus standards, and the development of an A-PHY adaptation layer for VESA's DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort standards.

Webinar-computer3Like many other organizations, the pandemic forced us to pivot to virtual events, but with member support, we successfully held three member meetings, a Membership Awards Ceremony, seven webinars and a two-day developer conference online.

I am proud to say that these events maintained working group momentum on specification development and further strengthened our efforts to provide ongoing Alliance updates and technical education.

Looking back on the past 12 months , it was undoubtedly a challenging year for all of us, both personally and professionally. But considering the foundation we built in 2020, MIPI Alliance is well-situated for a very busy year ahead. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but as our 2020 accomplishments demonstrate, we continue to move forward together.