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Featured in ECN: MIPI and Wired Connectivity Standards in Automotive

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As MIPI recently celebrated 15 years of developing interfaces for the mobile industry, the benefits of standardization for wired interfaces have proved extensible to industries well beyond mobile. In the case of automotive, for example, the development of common interfaces for the connectivity of autonomous functions like sensing, processing and acting has the potential to improve the economy of scale to reduce cost and improve the integration of advanced functions. [Figure 1 shown above: Automotive functions leveraging the smartphone.]

In a recent ECN article, “Accelerating the Standardization of Wired Connectivity Protocols for Autonomous Vehicles,” Rick Wietfeldt, MIPI Alliance board member, reviews the wired connectivity standards applicable in automotive, some of which already leverage attributes and investments from the smartphone ecosystem—such as MIPI camera and display specifications.

As Rick states, further cross-industry collaboration and standardization can help the rapidly developing autonomous vehicle landscape, similar to the way the smartphone industry benefited when MIPI Alliance was formed in 2003.

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