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MIPI 5G Readiness Featured in RCR Wireless News

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From IoT communications to mobile video, organizations already have plans to utilize 5G. A recent Gartner survey revealed that 66% of organizations have plans to deploy 5G by 2020. Fortunately, the MIPI Alliance has been working hard to ensure that the high-speed mobile interfaces that devices need to keep up with 5G are ready.

In fact, the first generation of 5G smartphones already use MIPI interface specifications and these specifications will meet device performance needs through 2021.

In a recent RCR Wireless News article, 2019 to welcome 5G devices: An overview of MIPI interfaces enabling 5G readiness, Kenneth Ma, MIPI Technical Steering Group chair, and Kevin Yee, MIPI Marketing Steering Group chair, share how MIPI specifications support 5G in audio, cameras, displays, physical layers, RFFE and sensors.

For more on how MIPI interfaces are meeting the demands of 5G demand today and beyond, download the MIPI white paper: Making the 5G Vision a Reality: A 5G Readiness Assessment of MIPI Specifications.

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