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Next Week's Webinar Takes You Beyond Sensors: What's New in MIPI I3C v1.1

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Interested in an in-depth discussion of the I3C ecosystem and a look at the new features in MIPI I3C® v1.1? Join I3C Working Group Chair Ken Foust (Intel) for MIPI's second webinar of 2020, "Beyond Sensors: What's New in MIPI I3C v.1.1," on Wednesday, 12 February (08:00 Pacific).

Ken will compare v1.1's feature set with those of MIPI I3C v1.0 and I3C BasicSM v1.0 to help implementers choose the specification that best meets their needs. In addition, he will share the working group's plans for future development and provide a preview of related development efforts currently underway.


A principal engineer at Intel Corporation, Ken leads wired/wireless interconnect and sensing R&D initiatives within Intel Labs. In this capacity, he also works closely with standards bodies such as MIPI. Ken has been recognized with the MIPI Alliance Distinguished Service Award and as a Sensors Expo Engineer of the Year, and he is a member of the MSIG Technical Advisory Committee and Hall of Fame.

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Save the Date: MIPI A-PHY Webinar on 4 March 

Join Matt Ronning (Sony), chair of the MIPI Automotive Working Group, and Raj Kumar Nagpal (Synopsys), vice chair of the MIPI PHY Working Group and lead of the A-PHY and D-PHY subgroups, on Wednesday, 4 March (08:00 Pacific) for an in-depth look at the forthcoming MIPI A-PHYSM, a high-speed, “long-reach“ (up to 15m) physical layer specification that will offer both high performance and simplified integration, along with the flexibility needed to suit a broad range of speed and design needs.

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January CSI-2 Webinar Available

If you missed last month's webinar, "The New Frontier of MIPI CSI-2SM Camera and Imaging Applications: Leveraging the Power of Machine Vision for Mobile, IoT, Client Devices, Automotive and Beyond," you can still download the presentation and access the recording to learn more about the evolution of the MIPI CSI-2 imaging conduit and the latest versions of the specification. Haran Thanigasalam, MIPI Camera Working Group chair, will discuss the features and capabilities enabled by CSI-2 v3.0 and those under development for CSI-2 v4.0, targeted for release later this year.

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