Status: Deactivated
Details: Transitioned to TSG subgroup June 2020


The MIPI Automotive Working Group (AWG), formed in 2018, was chartered to provide input and coordination on requirements to ensure MIPI Alliance is addressing the needs of the automotive industry. The AWG was also chartered to manage relationships with other industry groups and organizations.

Industry Need

The AWG was designed to address the need for interface specifications in the automotive industry. As the number of sensors in automobiles has continued to increase to support passive and active safety, in-vehicle infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving systems (ADS), standardization of interfaces, such as those specified by MIPI Alliance, will benefit automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers by improving economies of scale, simplifying in-car networks, cutting costs, and saving space, weight and energy consumption

Focus and Scope

The AWG completed the requirements gathering process for A-PHY, a physical layer SerDes specification (up to 15m) targeted for autonomous driving systems (ADS), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), IVI displays and other surround sensor applications. In addition to these efforts, the group examined other existing MIPI specifications to determine their adaptability to automotive use cases, and as a result of this process, enhancements to several specifications are already in development.

About the Group: 

In June 2020, the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors approved the transition of the Automotive Working Group to a Technical Steering Group (TSG) Subgroup to allow coordination and alignment of automotive activities MIPI-wide, across all the working groups from a system and roadmap perspective.