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MIPI A-PHY: Laying the Groundwork for MIPI’s Automotive SerDes Solutions

Ariel Lasry, Toshiba Electronics Europe & MIPI Alliance Board Director
Edo Cohen, Valens Semiconductor & MIPI A-PHY Subgroup Vice Lead
Ariel Lasry, MIPI DevCon speaker

Ariel Lasry

Edo Cohen, MIPI DevCon speaker

Edo Cohen

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As the automotive industry evolves to incorporate advancements in driver assistance, self-driving systems, IVI and other surround-sensor applications, automakers require new solutions that are scalable, interoperable and non-proprietary to meet a broad spectrum of speed and design needs. MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS) currently under development are designed to simplify integration by combining Display, Camera and MIPI A-PHY℠ into an end-to-end system offering both security and functional safety. Serving as the foundation of the system, the new MIPI A-PHY specification has the ability to span an entire vehicle (up to 15m) at high speeds and support native connections to MIPI CSI-2® and DSI-2℠, as well as third-party protocols, such as VESA’s Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort.

This presentation will offer an overview of MASS and its related specifications, with a focus on MIPI A-PHY – its structure and topology, reliability and noise immunity levels, and its fit with t other existing networking technologies.


Ariel Lasry has held a Board seat for MIPI Alliance since June 2012. Ariel is actively engaged with standardization activities and contributes to several MIPI Alliance working groups.

Since 1996, Ariel has worked at Toshiba Electronics Europe and has held multiple positions during his tenure. He currently is the chief engineer at Toshiba Electronics Europe where he is responsible for strategic business planning, convergence solutions and technical marketing. He has extensive experience in strategic marketing, product management, business development and industry alliances. He is well-versed in technical leadership and deployment of new technologies, not only across various business divisions of Toshiba, but also in the industry by stimulating industry alliances and partnerships to create an ecosystem for the successful deployment of new technologies. Prior to his existing role at Toshiba, Ariel worked as a SoC design engineer within the company. He also worked as an engineer at SGS-Thomson Microelectronics Grenoble (now STMicroelectronics).

Ariel is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure D'Electricité (SUPELEC) in Paris & Rennes.

Edo Cohen is the vice-chair of the MIPI A-PHY subgroup and an active member of the MIPI Technical Steering Group. Edo has been a member of MIPI Alliance since 2009, contributing in multiple working groups and previously serving as the vice chair and chair for the Display Working Group.

Edo is Valens’ director for strategic innovation, spearheading automotive standardization. He brings more than 20 years of experience as a senior system engineer, with extensive knowledge in system architecture, technical specifications, definition and execution. Prior to Valens, Edo was a senior system architect at Intel Corporation, heading activities in the wearables and IOT group. Previously, he was a senior staff system engineer at Marvell Cellular Division, responsible for the company’s cellular processor environment and held engineering managerial positions at Floware, Alvarion and NAMS.

Edo holds an MBA and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University.