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Next-Generation Mobile, AR/VR, & Automotive Displays with VESA VDC-M & MIPI DSI-2

Alain Legault, VP IP Products, Hardent


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MIPI DevCon 2019 Stuttgart Speaker: Alain Legault

Alain Legault

VDC-M is VESA's newest display interface compression standard. Used with MIPI DSI-2℠ transport, VDC-M offers unprecedented levels of visually lossless compression as low as 6 bits per pixel. VDC-M solves the bandwidth demand challenges associated with next-generation displays without compromising on visual quality, enabling designers to achieve higher resolutions, faster refresh rates and greater color depths than ever before. This presentation covered how the combination of VDC-M and MIPI DSI-2 can support the development of sophisticated mobile, AR/VR and automotive displays. Attendees received an overview of the VDC-M algorithm and saw concrete VDC-M and MIPI DSI-2 use cases.


Alain Legault is vice president IP Products at Hardent, where he is responsible for spearheading the product definition and development of the company's IP portfolio. He has more than 25 years of experience managing multidisciplinary engineering projects and developing video-related semiconductor products. He holds a BSEE from the Polytechnique Montréal.