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A network-independent approach for debugging terminal hardware and software


The MIPI SneakPeek Protocol (MIPI SPPSM) is used to communicate between a debug test system (DTS) and a mobile terminal target system (TS). This communication facilitates using debug applications (typically software) within the DTS to debug the operation of the TS.

The SneakPeek Protocol abstracts the system designer from dedicated debug communication interfaces such as JTAG and replaces them with the familiar mechanism of address-mapped read and write transactions to enable the debug applications to observe, interrogate and adjust the target system.

These transactions might be addressed to main system memory, special function memories, or address-mapped peripherals within the TS. If the system requires legacy dedicated debug communication interfaces to be used internally within part of a system, then these could be constructed by a dedicated address-mapped peripheral within the target system that is then accessed by the DTS via SneakPeek.

MIPI SPP v2.0, introduced in August 2019, includes MIPI TinySPP, which is optimized for use with low-bandwidth and potentially high-latency interfaces. These include MIPI I3C®, the high-performance, low-power interface for links between sensors and application processors. TinySPP introduces features that reduce the data transfer and overhead requirements for debug and test communications. These include a shorter minimum packet length, a smaller transaction byte field, and a short addressing system.

In addition, MIPI SPP v2.0 defines packetized JTAG messaging. This messaging reduces the overhead involved in using JTAG to change state.

MIPI SneakPeek is developed by the MIPI Debug Working Group. All MIPI debug and trace specifications are available for download and use by the public and the open source community. Members of MIPI Alliance enjoy benefits including access to relevant licenses and opportunities to participate in development activities, interoperability workshops and other events.

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