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Latest Resources Cover MIPI A-PHY and Automotive SerDes Solutions

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Update: MIPI A-PHY was adopted as an IEEE standard in June 2021 and is also available as IEEE 2977-2021.

Next-generation vehicles are rewriting the rulebooks when it comes to high-speed data interfaces. With the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems, high-definition in-vehicle infotainment and autonomous driving systems, the number of onboard cameras, sensors, displays and computing systems is increasing significantly—placing huge bandwidth demands on in-vehicle data interfaces. 

Automotive data interfaces also need to be flexible and transfer data reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively between onboard cameras, sensors and displays, and their related ECUs (electronic control units) anywhere in the car. MIPI Alliance is helping system designers handle this significant increase in data throughput with the development of MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS℠), a family of specifications built upon the asymmetric MIPI A-PHY℠ SerDes interface to simplify the integration of sensors, cameras and displays, while building in both functional safety and security.

Read more below about new MIPI Alliance resources related to MIPI A-PHY and the MASS suite of specifications.

Answers to Common A-PHY Questions


Do you have questions about the MIPI A-PHY specification? Find answers to frequently asked questions by visiting the new MIPI A-PHY FAQs page. This resource covers questions related to A-PHY performance, system features, cabling, communication and noise immunity, and how to get involved in the development of future A-PHY versions.

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New MASS Explainer Video


Get an overview of MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions in less than five minutes.

In this short video, Kevin Yee, chair of the MIPI Marketing Steering Group, introduces the set of specifications that make up the MASS system and explains how the framework creates an end-to-end connectivity solution for integrating the growing number of cameras, sensors and displays that enable automotive applications.

Watch the video »

MIPI A-PHY in the News

In addition to the two resources highlighted above, MIPI Alliance board member Hezi Saar also spoke with Design News Contributing Editor John Blyler about the benefits that automotive SerDes standardization can offer.

DesignNews-January2021The resulting article, "How to Build a Better In-Vehicle Connectivity System," provides an overview of the MIPI specifications being developed for automotive’s growing needs in data flow management. Along with discussing the importance of standardization for automotive system designers, the Q&A article also covers how MIPI A-PHY’s features help build a better in-vehicle connectivity system. 

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To learn more about MIPI Alliance's automotive activities, visit the MIPI E-Learning Hub for on-demand A-PHY and MASS webinars and MIPI DevCon 2020 sessions.