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"MIPI Debug & Trace Connector Recommendations" White Paper Updated

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The “MIPI Debug & Trace Connector Recommendations” white paper has been an invaluable resource for the global electronics developer community since its initial release in 2007. A new edition of the white paper (renamed from “MIPI Alliance Recommendations for Debug and Trace Connectors”) is now available to download from the MIPI Alliance website.

The white paper provides recommendations for board-level mating connectors to enable debug interfaces via a variety of communication interfaces and protocols. The document also provides recommendations for connectors to enable MIPI Parallel Trace Interface via high-speed parallel interfaces. Tables for different connectors identify how pins are used with the most widely adopted debug interfaces, including legacy JTAG, and how tools can be matched with different systems while maintaining compatibility with existing legacy technology. The update to “MIPI Debug & Trace Connector Recommendations” is intended to help developers transition as easily, as seamlessly and as inexpensively as possible to newer technologies, without changes to their current framework of connectors for debug and trace tools. 

The new version of the white paper identifies a de facto connector and adds design considerations for MIPI Debug for I3C implementations. MIPI Debug for I3C, the newest specification in the MIPI debug portfolio, allows system designers to debug and test application processors, power management integrated circuits, modems and other power-managed components across a system of any size via the low-bandwidth MIPI I3C®/I3C Basic interface, which requires a minimal set of pins. It also includes pin mappings for ARM Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) and Nexus (IEEE-ISTO 5001-2003) debug interfaces.

A new connector configuration related to IEEE 1149.7 JTAG, based on usage models common among the RISC-V development community, also is included in the updated white paper.

Just as MIPI Alliance has made all of its debug and trace specifications publicly available, “MIPI Debug & Trace Connector Recommendations” is also publicly available for download. The white paper is another way that MIPI Alliance is encouraging debug and test tooling vendors to roll out flexible, standards-based testing products to developers and manufacturers involved with the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, 5G and other application areas.

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