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Welcome Q1 2022 New Members

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MIPI Alliance kicked off the new year by welcoming 20 Adopter members and one Contributor member from 1 January to 31 March.

We look forward to working with these companies joining the 350+ MIPI members worldwide developing and implementing MIPI specifications.

New Adopter Members

The following Adopter members now have access to the complete library of MIPI specifications and supporting resources, as well as draft specifications during the final stage of the adoption process. They'll also have the opportunity to attend MIPI interoperability workshops, participate in marketing opportunities and receive member-only updates.


  1. Apollo Autonomous Driving
  2. Aura Semiconductor Limited
  3. Avench Systems Private Limited
  4. Beijing Big Moment Technology Co., Ltd.
  5. BOE Varitronix Limited
  6. Digital Blocks, Inc.
  7. GigaDevice Semiconductor (Shanghai) Inc.
  8. GSCoolink Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  9. Integrated Memory Logic
  10. M SQUARE Ltd.
  11. Motional AD Inc.
  12. Nanusens Ltd.
  13. NIO Co., Ltd.
  14. PFU Limited
  15. Shenzhen Injoinic Technology Co., Ltd.
  16. SiEngine Technology Co., Ltd
  17. Tarana Wireless
  18. XION GmbH
  19. YADRO Microprocessors LLC
  20. Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, UAB
New Contributor

Aviva_logoWith Aviva Links, Inc.'s recent upgrade to Contributor membership, associates will now be able to join MIPI working groups to participate in the development of specifications and supporting resources. In addition, Contributor members are able to view specifications in first and second draft review stages.

Learn more about Contributor membership

The MIPI Alliance Contributor Trial Membership Program offers Adopter-level members a three-month trial period to join working groups, engage with the developers of key specifications, offer input into supporting resources and access MIPI specifications in all stages of the development and adoption process.

If your company is currently an Adopter member of the Alliance and interested in learning more about working groups and other Contributor-level benefits, contact to request information about the MIPI Alliance Contributor Trial Membership Program. The program will launch its next three-month trial period on 1 May 2022, and participants will be invited to attend the MIPI Alliance Member Meeting #60, 13-17 June, in Munich, Germany.

Interested in joining?

For more information about MIPI membership levels and benefits, visit the Membership Model and Join MIPI pages on