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High-Performance VR Applications Drive High-Resolution Displays with MIPI DSI

Presented by Miguel Rodriguez, Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.

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Analogix's DisplayPort to MIPI DSI℠ controller for VR HMDs powers today’s tethered VR headsets in various configurations with distinct benefits and performance levels, providing high-speed DisplayPort interface to connect to the GPU VR content source, while the MIPI DSI interface offers up to 16 DSI lanes partitioned over four ports for flexibility.

Miguel Rodriguez, Analogix Semiconductor Inc.
Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez has more than 15 years of experience in high-speed input/output (I/O) technologies deployed in networking, server and storage enterprise markets, as well as high-speed display technologies in mobile and AR/VR applications. At Analogix, Miguel is responsible for the VR head-mounted display controller family of products, which include DisplayPort to MIPI DSI display controllers, currently being used in a variety of high-performance VR head-mounted display products.